The Experience

Arthouse Bay of Fires 

Arthouse is owned by a family of artists and who want their guests to have an immersive experience in a beautiful private environment in a fabulous location.

Arthouse is thoughtfully appointed blending nature, art and bespoke design resulting in highly individual space filled with warmth and character that inspire the mind, body and spirit.  We want our guests to feel at home and leave feeling nurtured and renewed.

Arthouse is only 50 steps from the secluded northern end of Binalong Bay on Tasmania’s east coast and is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  While our beach house does not have big ocean views, what we do have is the clear sounds of the ocean and close proximity to the beach. We are also completely protected from the strong prevailing winds which are often present making it a private sanctuary to return home to. It is also a lovely surprise every time you go to the beach!

Arthouse bay of fires is a place to relax, walk, swim, fish, dream, write, paint / draw, listen, sleep, love and rejuvenate.

Tasmanian’s often refer to their beach houses as shacks, we like to call ours a posh shack!